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This scene opens with an introductory interview with big-titted porn star Holly Halston. SCOREtv host Dave chats with Holly and her porn star-director husband, Troy. This is going to be the first time Holly has fucked another guy besides Troy. They've been married 14 years and only Troy's cock has gone into her pussy and asshole. After the interview, Holly introduces her scene with Johnny Rod, the first porn dude to fuck her MILF cunt. Johnny can't wait to stuff his balls in Holly's mouth. Can you blame the dude? He's fucking another guy's wife right in front of him. Imagine the power. Power? Yeah, power. Sadly, things didn't work out for Holly and Troy. They split up not long after Holly started fucking other dudes on-camera. We don't know if it was the reason. We hope sucking and fucking Johnny's cock didn't lead Holly down the road to divorce. But if it did, at least we're getting a good jack out of it.
When this scene was shot, Luna Azul was 57 years old. She was looking forward to seeing, in her own words, "how a big cock looks in my mouth and pussy." Which, for us, begged the question, "Haven't you ever seen yourself having sex in a mirror?" Luna thought about that for a second, nodded as if in agreement, then said, "No, no, this is different. When I see myself in a mirror having sex, I have to look up and it distracts me from what I'm doing. This, I can just watch." And what does Luna plan on doing while watching her fuck film? Eat some popcorn, perhaps? Drink a glass of ice tea? No. "I'm going to take out the biggest dildo I have and fuck myself with it," she said. Luna is 5'4", 127 pounds, and although she's fucking and sucking a much younger guy in these photos, she tells us that she doesn't care how old a guy is, "as long as he has a hard cock and knows how to lick my pussy." Well, Luna, that covers just about all of us. By the way, Luna is retired, which she says gives her more time to fuck. "Some women retire to their beach condo in Florida," she said. "Some women sit around playing cards. I fuck." A much more interesting hobby, if you ask us.
Don't you love when a package you ordered arrives? Amy, a 59-year-old mom and divorcee from the UK, definitely does. You see, she knows what's in the box, but what's about to be in her box? The toys that came in the box and the delivery dude's cock! By the way, the delivery dude is young enough to be her son. He's 32 years younger than her. We don't know if this delivery came from Amazon Prime, but Amy is definitely prime, from her beautiful face to her big tits to her pierced pussy and more. YourWifeMyMeat: Are you into any fetishes? Amy: Yes. Latex. YourWifeMyMeat: Have you ever had a sexual encounter with another woman? Amy: Yes, and I loved it! YourWifeMyMeat: What's your sexual fantasy? Amy: A gang bang. YourWifeMyMeat: What sexually satisfies you best? Amy: Making cocks cum.
Super-busty porn star Penny Porsche struts her stuff by talking to her off-camera husband, Mr. P., as she takes a younger guy for a trip around her body that he'll never forget. If you like lots of big-tit play, sloppy blow jobs, slamming tit-fucking, hard cunt reaming and wads of rope on humongous hooters, you'll love this scene. Ah, Penny. She's one-of-a-kind. She has F-cup tits. She's a squirter. She's a mom. She used to be a full-time salesperson, but now she describes herself as a full-time adult entertainer. Penny is the epitome of a MILF. She put herself second for a long time, as many MILFs do. "I was always so busy working, I just never had time for fun." And, yes, this is definitely her idea of fun.